About Al-Ajar Foundation


Al-Ajar Foundation is a forward thinking, creative and

energetic group of individuals involved in a wide

variety of projects - from organising

daily and weekly classes, day-to-day

running of the Al-Ajar Social Centre,

Gym, Study Support programmes to

the incentive reward schemes where

external venues across the region are used.

We aim to ensure that all our projects, small or

large are dedicated to benefit the young and old,

males and females from all aspects of the community.


Al-Ajar Foundation aims to push creative boundaries and welcomes any project that aims to benefit the whole community.



As well as providing the highly popular Islamic Education which is both relevant & appealing, we also offer the Sporting Opportunities programme, Gym facilities, the Al-Ajar Youth Centre and the study support programme at KS2, KS3 and GCSE level. This is a diverse programme for all young people at various levels.


Al-Ajar Foundation has an atmosphere that inspires and heightens peoples' experiences whether they are using the social facilities or attending one of the

many beneficial daily/weekly classes