Al-Ajar will be providing Monthly Food parcels & Communal iftaars at some of its sponsored sites for the Widows, Orphans & those most needy. (Case studied, zakah eligible individuals & families). You may use Fidya payments. We’re aiming to provide 50,000 meals to needy families this Ramadan in’shaAllah.

Please sponsor at least 1 pack on behalf of your family at one of our sites. Please see the following attachments & pics from our recent visits for bulk food parcel prices for Alexandria, Morocco & West Africa (Gambia & Senegal).

We’re hoping to continue providing life saving meals post Ramadhan and for many years to come in’sha’Allah

Our Saturday Sch. Students preparing monthly sponsored parcels in Morocco on our last visit at the ‘Association for taking care of the Orphans’.

Food distribution from our last visit in March @Bwaim, South Gambia

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