Al-Ajar Activities

At the heart of Al-Ajar Foundation is the activities, classes and events that it holds for the youth. Amongst many other events and activities that Al-Ajar holds and organises, like days out to theme parts etc, the classes and events listed below are the main ones that happen on a daily/weekly basis.

 Saturday Class

The Saturday Class was one of the first classes to start at the launch of
'Al-Ajar Foundation'. Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, this class has been running for over 2 years, with many students benefiting every weekend.
The class covers topics including Seerah, Tafsir, Translation of the Quran, stories from the companions amongst many other topics.

The class has exams every few months with awards given to the best students. The students also enjoy days out to theme parks and other events.
The class, by the grace and blessings of Allah, continues to be very popular

Al-Ajar Gym

The gym is a latest addition to the Al-Ajar centre. It boasts many fitness and training equipment. It allows many to train and improve health in a safe and secure location,

The Gym is opne to the community, both male and female, but prior membership is required.

Due to popular demand Al-Ajar Foundation has recently launched a study support service in which we deliver our very own in-house curriculum specialising in Maths & English in line with the current education standards. Currently this runs on a weekend only, taught by well qualified teachers.

Inshallah we intend to also run a Homework drop-in service with the aim to assist young people through various key stages including Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and GCSE level. More information about this service will be coming soon.

 Al-Ajar  Tuition

This Programme is a weekend service that aims to help selected students with learning the arabic language & memorising the Quran from cover to cover.

​The students selected are tested before being put onto this extensive programme. It aims to help students with memorising & understanding as much of the Quran as possible. The teachers are Tajweed qualified.

The classes are held every Sunday evening.

Arabic & Hifz Programme

The social centre is one of the popular services that Al-Ajar offers. It is used almost on a daily basis, where young people can come along and access some of the highlighted quality features.

The centre includes a game consoles, cinema screen, table tennis, snooker & pool table, computer facilities aswell as others.

Prior membership is required before being able to use these facilities.

 Social  Centre

The PE & Sports sessions are run by qualified instructors & coaches in which sessions such as Football, Boxing, Circuit training, dodge ball and various indoor activities are on the menu.
Currently this programme takes place at Halifax High every Wednesday &Thursday evening.

This allows young people from all sporting backgrounds to enjoy extra curricular PE, allowing them to reach their target of 5 hours of Physical activity on a weekly basis.

Keep an eye out in the video section for videos from the Halifax High activities!

Physical  Education &  

Sports  Development