Sports & Physical Activities


Good health is an essential part of a young person’s quality of life experience. It is our aspiration to see
improvements in the life expectancy and reducing inequalities, it is with this intention that we are looking to offer the Reward programme, in which the delivery of quality Physical Education will help improve a childs life.

We feel our project will have great benefit to the local community as we are educating the children at a young age, which will ensure long term health benefits for the society. We are aiming for improved diets which will be linked to increasing in exercise levels and reduction in weight as well as a better understanding of the link between poor diets and obesity, exercise and good health.

The key priorities for the Park Ward area are being targeted with this project, including; improving the health and well being of the local people and community cohesion by bringing people together through various health and sporting initiatives.

The Reward Programme


The organisation has a wide remit which includes:

Delivering projects for wider community benefits in particular benefits to young people

Education via the out of school clubs & weekend study support/tuition for young people, as well as regular programs for young adults

Physical Education & Sporting opportunities Programme via the “Reward Programme” which is aimed at improving the local attitudes to health by providing opportunities to participate in quality Physical activities & Sports in easily accessible facilities, we also have qualified personnel to advice on how to improve Health & get involved more.

Providing opportunities for all; every young person is unique, thus providing a wide array of initiatives will lead to a more popular & effective initiative.  Non gladiatorial activities as well as gifted & talented groups organised.

Partnership work & networking: We aim to improve the health and social inequalities in the local area by working with other local groups such as Calderdale council, the Communities Foundation, The Aspire Trust & Local Football clubs.

Fundraising: Contributing and supporting of projects delivered across the World, in particular the third world countries

Vision of Al-Ajar Foundation


Al-Ajar Foundation has been running for over two years, by the grace of Allah. It is our long term aim & vision to make Al-Ajar Foundation the central point within our community.


Al Ajar Foundation is an association set up to support young people within Halifax, through educational and non educational activities, this includes the delivery of an array of activities in after school hours and on weekends. In addition to this the foundation supports pupils by offering homework/study support groups. The Physical activities, competitive  Sports as well as the non-gladiatorial events are envisaged to be a overwhelming success & early feedback shows this niche programme was much needed in Park Ward.

Al-Ajar Foundation has an atmosphere that inspires and heightens peoples' experiences, whether they are sitting in a class, or socializing with their friends in the Al-Ajar facilities to the various external venues. We work hard to provide a extensive service for the community.

Al-Ajar pushes the boundaries and welcomes any projects where design, innovation and determination are part of the success. We are always continuing to review our strategic directions on the best way to benefit the wider community.

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