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Shiekh Talat Ali, Imam in Cairo, Egypt comes to Halifax...

​Alhamdulillah, by the grace and permission of Allah we were honored to receive Shiekh Talat Ali who is an Imam in Cairo, Egypt at one of the largest mosques in Azhar.

The Shiekh led many prayers during his time in Halifax, aswell as delivering afew talks which were translated.

Please Click Here to listen to some live recording of his recitation and talks.

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Al-Ajar Foundation Joins SoundCloud...

​Alhamdulillah, by the grace and permission of Allah Al-Ajar Foundation is steadily growing. Indeed All praise and thanks are to Allah alone.

Al-Ajar has joined SoundCloud to help with publishing audio recordings of Quran, Lectures and Islamic Reminders online.

Currently the Al-Ajar SoundCloud channel is hosting live recording of Shiekh Talat Ali, an Imam at one of the largest mosques in Azhar, Cairo, Egypt.

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Official Al-Ajar Merchandise...

Al-Ajar Foundation will be launching some official Merchandise very soon. Current Merchandise includes a hoodie, more merchandise to follow in the next few months Inshallah.

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The Al-Ajar Team Wishes You and Your Family A Happy And Enjoyable Eid...

​May Allah make the day of Eid an enjoyable and blessed day for you and for your family.



Al-Ajar Foundation officially launches it's website...

​Alhamdulillah after weeks of hard work, Al-Ajar Foundation is pleased to present to you it's new website.

The website has been designed with the primary objective of showing the best of Al-Ajar in one place, you will find images from all the activities and events that Al-Ajar Foundation holds. Any Videos from the events and activities can also be found in the Video section on this website.

We have also embedded all our social network links into the website allowing you quick and easy access to them, we strongly encourage you to follow us on Twitter, follow our official blog as well as subscribing to our mailing list and YouTube channel. You will find more details about our social network links below.

​As well as showing the best of Al-Ajar, we hope that this website also serves as a way of keeping you informed and updated with all the goings on at Al-Ajar Foundation.

Inshallah as Al-Ajar Foundation continues to grow, so will this website. We hope you find this website useful.
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Al-Ajar Charity helps distribute the Ramadan 2012 donations...

​Al-Ajar Charity helped distribute the Ramadan 2012 donations. Donations were sent via Islamic Relief, Ummah Welfare Trust and Islamic help. The poster on the right gives you full details on how your donations have helped.

£650 was sent to Pakistan to help with Water Wells Installation, as well as a highly successful Education Project that relies heavily on public donations

£600 was sent to Burma, following the recent atrocities that are happening to the Muslims in Burma, the community felt that it was a duty that we should send some money to Burma - Even now, the Muslims in Burma require your Dua's, please remember them.

£420 was send to Palestine and Gaza via a respected charity organisation

£200 was send to Somalia to help purchase Food & Medicine - Recent droughts and the instability in the country has made it very difficult for the people of Somalia with food and medicine very hard for people to get.

Al-Ajar recently also donated some money to plant some Olive Trees in Palestine, these have inshallah been planted and will Inshallah help the people of Palestine for many years to come.

May Allah reward everyone who contributed so generously during the month of Ramadan, May Allah make it a means for you to enter Jannah Inshallah - And the ability is by Allah alone...

Al-Ajar Education Summer Timetable 2012...


During the summer holidays, Al-Ajar Education put into place a weekly timetable to help with keeping the youth engaged and motivated during the month of Ramadan. Islamic classes, educational reminders and activities were held during the week.

Classes included:

Hifz Class,

Saturday Seerah Class,

Imam An-Nawawi's 40 Hadith Class,

Surah Kahf Study Class,

A course on Salah & Purification

& Lessons from the Companions

Alhamdulillah, the turn out to the activities and reminders was excellent. The activities that were held during the summer holidays are shown on the timetable on the right.

Some of the activities and classes shown on the timetable on the right are still running, an updated timetable will be coming soon Inshallah.

Al-Ajar Foundation Leaflet...


One of the very first leaflets created for Al-Ajar Foundation is shown on the right. It was created to help show to the public the charity work that Al-Ajar is involved in. Our main charity projects along with others include the following:

Pakistan Water Pump Project - Clean water is not always easy for some people to get hold of, with some people having to travel many, many miles just to get some water. The water pump project Inshallah aimed at building a water pump at a village in Pakistan.

Somalia Food and Medicine - Somalia is suffering from a massive drought, and as a result many people are struggling to get hold of food and due to the increase of illness, medicine is difficult to get hold of. Al-Ajar donated money to Somalia via a reputable charity to buy food and medicine. May Allah make easy the affairs of the people of Somalia

Orphan Project - The rewards of sponsoring/supporting an orphan in Islam are massive and is something that Islam encourages. Allah's Messenger (pbuh) said "I and the one who sponsors an orphan will be in Paradise like these two" - and he gestured with his forefinger and middle finder, holding them apart.. (Bukhari, 5304)

He (pbuh) also said "This money is fresh and sweet. Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan and the wayfarer" (Muslim 1052)

With this in mind, Al-Ajar Charity have sponsored an orphan. More information on the Orphan Project will be coming soon, with information on how you can get involved.

Islamic Quran & Sunnah Conference...


The Masjid, in partnership with 'Al-Ajar Foundation', held it's biggest ever conference on the 6th October 2012, in attendance were some highly known and respected scholars of our time. 

Over 600 people attended the conference with international speakers coming from as far as India. Speakers included Shiekh Zafar ul-Hasan Madni, who regularly features on Peace TV. Allamah Ibtisaam Elahi Zaheer, Shiekh Imran Mujtaba Sadiqi, who is a world renowned orator on Islam and Comparative religion. 
His talk is view
able by clicking here.

Other speakers included Shiekh Mulana Abdul Hadi, (view talk)

Shiekh Shouaib Ahmed Mirpuri 

Shiekh Shouaib Altaf Hussain (Graduated from the university of Madinah) (view talk)

Sheikh Wajid Malik (Graduated from the university of Madinah)

Shiekh Aqeel Mahmood (Graduated from the university of Madinah)

Official Al-Ajar Social Networks...


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