Al-Ajar Foundation does not use your donation money for admin costs etc, what you give is given totally to the cause you donate to, unless stated otherwise



From the very start, Al-Ajar Foundation has been committed to making a difference to those less fortunate than us.


We are currently involved in a number of charity projects from food distributions to medicine aid to water well constructions in various famine, poverty stricken areas where water is very hard to get hold of. 


It is because of your generous donations that we are able to make such a big difference to the lives of so many people both nationally and internationally. Below are afew current on-going projects you can donate to,



About Al-Ajar Orphans

Al-Ajar Charity 

Already making a difference

From amongst a number of success stories:

Two of our Orphans have been on the programme for over 6 years. one is now completing her final year of Sciences at BSc, and then moving on to research (Phd) neuroscience/Genetics & the other reading Masters in Chemistry. Another great example is a number of our Hifz orphans who are coming to the conclusion of memorising the Quran from cover to cover.


Both In'sha'Allah will be in a position to provide for not only themselves and thier family but are keen to make a difference to the poor families in their area where they grew up and witnessed at first hand the tough struggle against poverty. We are niche in a number of ways, starting from being one of the few remaining organisations with a 100% donation promise. We have a long term sponsorship commitment with our Orphans and their families and our excellent provision of education makes us stand out - Alhamdulillah.


Our Orphan programme continues to grow, continues to provide sponsorship and aid to the most needy area in North Africa, Pakistan, Malawi and refugees from Kashmir.

Sponsor an Orphan 

What your contribution does ... 

Every child deserves to be happy and have a healthy childhood and the opportunity to build a brighter future.


For many of the 140 million orphans worldwide, this is simply not possible and they are trapped in poverty.  


You can give a vulnerable orphan the chance to break out of poverty for just 50p a day. Your sponsorship helps provide nutritious warm meals, clothes, healthcare, and education.

Help make a difference 

How to sponsor an Orphan

From amongst a number of success stories:

Below you will find 4 options available to you to sponsor an orphan, these prices have been worked out to ensure each orphan can be fully sustained for the whole month or year and helps provide nutritious warm meals, clothes, heathcare and education.

1. Select an preferred option

2.. Setup a standing order thrugh your bank account, please make sure you use reference: Orphan Project. 

3. Please email us at: info@alajar.co.uk to let us know that you are wanting to sponsor an orphan, we will also add you to our network of donors. 










For £18 a month, you can sponsor one orphan. This covers all daily food, medicine, education and clothing needs.

For £36 a month, you can sponsor two orphan. This covers all daily food, medicine, education and clothing needs.

For £216 a year, you can sponsor one orphan. This covers all daily food, medicine, education and clothing needs.

Why not make a one off donation? 100% of your donation will go towards warm meals and gifts for the widows and orphans in the most vulnerable areas



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