Prayer times on your phone in a new and improved way!

A new way that brings the prayer timetable straight to your phone, no apps to install - Just accept an email request and all your all done!

Easy Setup!


A quick and easy setup, requiring no app installations and no costs!

Always up-to-date!


Prayer times are always update, no matter where you are!*

Always in the know!


Events and activities are pushed to your smartphone instantly, know whats happening and when!


 - No app or special settings to install - All cloud based and pushed to your phone

 - Includes special events like, Ramadhan, Eid and much much more!

 - Works on all smart-phones, you just need an email account with calendar options      active

- Its all free!! 

Steps to Enrol

Enrolment is quick and easy, fill out the form below, the system will then verify your email address, as its a new system, this can take up to 24 hours. 

You will then recieve an email alert from an account called 'Prayer Times', Click 'Accept', and thats it your all done!


Now go to your calendar app on your phone and you should start to see the times populate


Enrol now!

All we need is your full name and email address, after enrolling, you will recieve an email with a link that you'll need to accept.

How it works ... 

A database runs in the background, pushing the times from a server to your smart phone device. Compatiable for use on any smart phone.


We do not take or read any data from your phone, upon enrolment you will need to accept the request which is sent to you via an email for the data to be downloaded to your phone


The information is checked with the servers at least once a day to ensure the data is up to date at all times


And 15 minutes before each prayer, youll get notified its time to pray!


Tech Support!

Currently only supported with the current email clients:

We've made it quick and easy to enrol on this system, but if your having problems, we're happy to help.

Fill out the form below and someone from the Admin team will get back to you shortly

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