Mount Toubkal Charity Climb

Al-Ajar Foundation climbed Mount Toubkal in aid of raising funds for the Al-Ajar Orphans Project

In Summer 2017 brothers from Al-Ajar Foundation climbed Mount Toubkal, the highest summit in the Atlas Mountain range, where they aimed to reach the summit standing at 4167M over the course of 2/3 days.


Mount Toubkal stands as the tallest peak in north Africa. Your sponsor donations will be going towards our latest appeal which is for the refugee children from Kashmir and also orphans in some of the poorest regions in Pakistan where other larger charities have failed to get to. We will be working with an Orphanage and a children's centre in Morocco. We will be providing vital funds and supplies during our visit, as well as creating a long term network to continue to support the orphans on a monthly basis, In'sha'allah.

We're looking to sponsor the poorest Orphans and their families who are on our waiting list. We are fostering & sponsoring on a full time basis and not just putting them in to an Orphanage where they may feel alienated, rather we are putting them in to a home with a loving family, providing for their daily food, medicine and clothing needs and paying for their education fees wozrking directly with the Schools.


We are niche in a number of ways, starting from being one of the few remaining organisations with a 100% donation promise. We have a long term sponsorship commitment with our Orphans and their families and our excellent provision of education makes us stand out - Alhamdulillah. Our goal is to sponsor these amazing children until they have completed their studies, gained the highest possible level of education and in employment if Allah SWT wills.


One of our success story includes a young girl who we have sponsored since her difficult childhood until now where she is completing her Studies in Medicine at University. She will be in full time work soon and will be joining the Al-Ajar team as one of our network project leads in the region she decides to reside in. Another great example is a number of our Hifz orphans who are coming to the conclusion of memorising the Quran from cover to cover.

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