Alhamdulillah - Blessed that AlAjar Foundation has inspired a whole community for our latest project.

As the lead - I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved. The Support has been endless and overwhelming at times. I’m humbled and blessed to be a part of a niche organisation like ours. We started as a group of lads wanting to pick up a little Ajar - Alhamdulillah it has grown to inspire our Masjid, Young people, volunteers, organisations, other charities & our sponsorship of some of these amazing Orphans is growing in to the hundreds. The Widows support project, Food aid & Water Projects have been quality too. Fundraising via challenges and treks like the Sahara work well Alhamdulillah.

In’sha’allah plenty more to come - including this projects new leads in Kashif & Rahees. Please continue to support & grab a slice of the ‘Ajar’ or better still join us on our 2019 charity projects & Adventures - We’ll keep all updated on our projects in Maroc & Africa including the new AlAjar Masjid, Abandoned babies hospital, Al-Yateem association & the Dar ul-Kifl Orphanage sponsorships.

Check out some of the clips 😊

May Allah swt accept from You & I.

A Message from Team Lead : Kashif

‘’Many of you will be aware, I was out in Morocco with my team from Al Ajar (The Reward) to complete our charity challenge trekking through the Sahara Desert as well as visiting an Orphanage in Marrakesh. 

In the desert we had to combat through sandstorms, torrential downpours and the blistering temperatures. We covered approximately 30 miles over two days with an overnight stay with Bedouins at a readymade basecamp.  

We then visited ‘The Children’s House’ which is the home of 350+ orphans. I don’t even know how to begin describing the majestic experience we had on this eventful day, mere words won’t be able to do any justice. 

In every room we entered, we were met by a heartwarming reception, huge big elegant smiles and this alone won our hearts. 

After interacting with the little gems playing various sports and other fun games we served dinner and sat down to eat together. 

The whole experience was sensational, eye opening and very humbling indeed - something we will cherish forever. 

A big thank you to Yasar Mhd at Unique Children's Charity who contributed 50% towards the expenses of the new sports equipment and meal given out on the day- charities working together to make a difference. 

Al Ajar Foundation raised just under £20,000 over this fundraising campaign for this project (orphans and water wells) and this would not have been possible without your continuous support. Team Al-Ajar would like to say a massive Thank You to everyone who has donated. YOU are the ones who have made this project successful.  

The money raised will be split 50/50 towards our chosen causes. I haven’t mentioned our water well project due to ongoing negotiations but we are looking to help out in providing water facilities in Gambia, inshall’Allah. Once we have more information I will keep you informed. 

May Allah swt accept it from you and I. Ameen❤   

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